Nautilus Studio is the private Project Studio of Max Marinaio (composer & lyricist, SIAE member, singer, multi-instrumentalist, bluesman) 
a one of a kind Studio (not in competition with other recording studios as) it allows to be recorded, produced and published for free as long as the musician is willing to be involved in one of the musical projects, which Nautilus has in the pipeline, carries on and tries to bring out.  
So if you are a musician, more than as a typical studio, you can see it as a collaborative network and a concrete opportunity to evolve and expand your musical talent and make it known through musical projects of great quality.
All that for free. For further information click the button below and continue reading. 

In addition to this activity, Max also combines the composition and production of original soundtracks for selected documentaries, films, short films and theatrical works.
This is the only type of commissioned work that the studio carries out. If you are interested in music for your video products, do not hesitate to contact us to illustrate your project and your needs and obtain a free estimate.
The Music composed for this purpose, may have a wider range and span from classical, cinematic, incidental music, ambient to traditional music as jazz, songs and whatever else you may want for your project.

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