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Massimo Pierini is a software developer and to some extent an international figure, born in Lucca. He studied in different cities like Livorno and Lucca. 
after school he continued to study as an autodidact, on English texts, specializing in the field of relational databases.

He started as an IT student, to develop in Basic and Assembler on the legendary C64, also very interested in programming the SID circuit. the legendary sound chip created by Bob Yannes.
In the first part of the 90's, he developed professionally on the DOS platform - using the first important languages ​​such as DBASE and Nantucket's CLIPPER - such sofwares like estimative metric computation (specialized software for surveyors and architects).
Then on 
the Windows Platform, using Microsoft Visual Studio - one of the most powerful and fastest languages ​​ever created in the field of relational databases - developing an important commissioned software for the management of holiday homes, owners and reservations (Holiday Homes management for Windows)
At the same time he committed with the development of websites for companies and professionals, having as clients in this phase especially Real Estate Agencies and local small-medium companies.
His experience with the most important actor in Tuscany in the field of holiday homes earn him a customer like "Italian Rentals" a Holiday Home Business in S. Francisco with Homes in Italy.
For that agency he carried out several technical works however their site is not the work of Max.
During the 90's Max also became an hardware reseller representing all the best brands in the world and accompaning the IT alphabetization in Tuscany (and in Italy through his company's website).

Starting in 2000 he began to take more interest in audio recording and sound engineering. He developed his own MIDI system (with which he started in 1992) in a real Recording Studio.
After publishing a two songs single in 2000, In 2003 an audio CD with 17 original tracks was produced and released which was quite successful. The work was in English language.
Lisa Rivers a friend from Texas contributed reviewing the lyrics.

The serious illness of the mother and her loss marked a turning point.
In 2004 Massimo decided that it was time to put an end to the MaccioSoft experience to devote himself above all to music and sound engineering.
The MaccioSoft website has been kept online for its portals: to continue making available some of the cultural and socially useful contents created over the years. It currently contains the information portal
MaccioSoft webserver
However, he occasionally continues to develop websites mainly cultural themed or for no-profit Associations.

Over time he continued to keep up to date on new technologies using different techniques and languages ​​for the web from HTML to Javascript to modern CMS (Content management systems) for the construction of interactive sites and E-Commerce Shops (with WordPress and Woocommerce) but above all always offering the best to its customers at the most honest price possible.

Massimo Pierini is also a composer and author enrolled in the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Editors), plays various instruments, is fond of astronomy, excursions, oriental philosophies, ancient Greece, cinema and comics.  His favorite sports are tennis, athletics, motoring.

SOME OF THE RECENTLY DEVELOPED SITES         (Emmeli Comics, E-Commerce website, devoted to Comix Creating)            (website of the songwriter and musician Max Marinaio)

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